Saturday, December 13, 2008

Congratulations Kak Melati

Let me introduce you to Kak Melati, Abg Rashid and their family. Abg. Rashid, Kak Melati and their family have been here for 6 years. Kak Melati was doing her PhD in Chemistry, while her husband was supporting the family with any way he can.....

I admire their family. I see them as a hard working Malay group, who would just say no to hard times. They have endured and gloriously came out of the hard times victoriously.

So after 6 years, Kak Melati is finally done. Congratulations to Kak Melati. She and her family will be moving back home to Malaysia. And after 6 years, they are also carrying some memories back home. So with all excitement, they've packed their stuff in boxes and were ready to get it shipped, while waiting for the day Kak Melati will stand up on the alter and receive her PhD title and cert.

I also offered my hand to help. It was a lot of boxes, and to carry these boxes from a third floor apartment into a truck and getting it unloaded to the shipping warehouse is a very challenging workout. The picture to the right is a picture of Abg. Rashid and I with the row of boxes behind us to be ready to be shipped. Yes, that row of boxes all belongs to Abg. Rashid and his family.
Any macho man will break his back carrying the boxes alone. Thank god for the help available.

After shipping the boxes, it was time to see Kak Melati walk proudly to receive her honorable doctorate degree. So we too some pictures with her, feeling proud of her achievement, and sharing her joy. Everyone was so proud of her, and we are all very happy even though we would miss her to see her going back home to Malaysia.

I also took the opportunity to try out her robe, and hope that maybe the robe will give me a positive aura to help me finish my PhD sooner. Everyday seems to be more challenging then the previous day. I just hope I will be as strong as her. And one day, will be able to wear the robe "tiga line" (the robe with 3 bars).

Congratulations Kak Melati......and have a good journey back home.