Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cutting in line!

Have you ever had people cut in front of you in a queue. Well, orang2 ini memang kurang ajar.
Unfortunately, rude people who cut in queue will always exist. Some with reasonable justification, and others with no reason what so ever. In Malaysia, I have experienced this happening to me many times. Especially the queue to the ATM. Though this is indeed a small matter, we should never tolerate such behavior. We cannot keep quiet cause that's going to ruin our mood. We have to stop queue cutters because, it makes people angry and will ruin someone's day. And that someone is going to ruin someone else's day and so on and so on. It will be a social chain reaction gaining negative angry energy outwards towards the community. Eventually, it will gain enough energy to be a social nuclear explosion. Hehehe, of course I'm exaggerating, but you get the idea. So stop the chain reaction occurring and escalating into a social nuclear explosion, you have to stop the chain reaction at the core.

The video above is one of the common methods that people use to cut queue.

Of course there are some exceptions.
1) Some people cutting a queue going to the toilet. They just have to pee and they can't wait. Usually ask, "Cik tolong, saya tak tahan nie, karang terkencing kat sini"
2) In cases of emergency, some people cut in line to use a telephone booth to call the police. You shouldn't be angry at this people. Their justification usually goes, "saya kena pakai tepon, emergency nie"
3) A pregnant with water just broke...."ketepi, beri laluan, nak terberanak".
I'm sure there are a few exceptions not listed here.

In any other cases, I have never tolerated queue cutters and always confronted them. However, in the past, I always thought that I didn't handle the matter smooth enough. I tend to get angry or end up in an argument. I guess, the best way to handle this issue is to remain calm. Some websites suggested the following method:

1) Get a witness. Ask the person behind you or in front of you if they saw the person cut in line. Doing so will help you get people to agree with you.
2) Nicely and quickly approach the person cutting the queue by politely asking a straight forward question. Like, "excuse me, I believe there is line here that starts over there and it looks like you just cut in line."
3) If an argument starts, I suppose its just not worth fighting over it. But the main idea is remain calm.

So be calm is the main idea here. Before blurting out ##$@$# .."get in line you idiot". Instead breath in, breath out.....find your zen  and rethink and follow the suggested steps above. good luck and save the world from a social nuclear explosion.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

A shit load of Diarrhea

This blog seems to be updated once every year or so. Such anomaly almost occurs as sparse as the sun eclipse. Its starting to look like a ghost blog. Nobody comes here and nobody leaves a comment. Well, this is entirely my fault. I never put aside a little time to give this blog a little TLC. Anyhow, I feel like I was out of stories to tell. Or some are just too personal to be told online. Believe it or not, writing  in a blog is like standing out in a park and shouting out your mind. If you don't filter what you say, eventually, someone will throw rocks at you, just to get you to shut the hell up. Just as an observation, a lot of people think personal blogs are personal. In truth, nothing is personal on the Internet. If you want it to be personal--just for your eyes only--well, keep the traditional diary. Or an alternative digital diary that is not so traditional but is well encrypted for your eyes only. If you are more of the, I want to tell my friends only gossip group,...well, there is such a thing called facebook, where you can filter what your friends see and who you add in your circle. If you don't like facebook for some reason. There is also google+ and a lot of other social network app. Of course there are pros and cons of being in the wave of social networking in this modern age. However, the rule of thumb is, it works just like the traditional social fabric that you and I are used to even before the Internet exist. It's as fundamental as a 2 year old child learns how to make friends. Its the simple formula of being friendly and don't poop on others. So the idea is if you don't shit on other people, people won't shit on you. And like the famous saying, what goes around comes around. Translated for the ignorant, if you don't like others to shit on you, don't shit on others. Cause shit goes around....really it does.....and people will eventually find out, and when they do, they will vomit a shitload of crap on your face like diarrhea. So whats the moral of this story? Safe your face, don't shit on others.

I have no intention of spoiling your appetite for your next meal,
I wanted to update my blog, and nothing comes to mind,
All I can think of is shit that looks like oat meal.
And so I bid you farewell and advice you to be kind,
All this talk about shit, makes me feel like i need to go shit for real,
Its time for me to go cause can't hold my behind.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ambassador of Malaysia

I was told, and I belief, that being a Malaysian student overseas makes me, to some extend, an ambassador of Malaysia. Hence I spread the good word about Malaysia and avoid the bad. I feel others should do same whenever they are overseas. Kalau bukan kita yang market negara kita, sapa lagi? Although each person's contribution is a small raindrop, Malaysians are everywhere, and an aggregation of us makes a deluge marketing campaign for our country.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Government Intervention or force capitalism?

Mydin to create 1Malaysia shops? Is this nepotism? Too much government intervention. Not knowing the details, I would like to think that the idea is a positive one. Its a great idea to counter the effects of unscrupulous retailers taking advantage of the rising oil prices. Some say too much government involvement is a move to be feared since it's moving towards the socialism ideology. However, I doubt the governments main goal is trying to model a socialist country. As if Malaysia is not already the Big Brother trying to be corporate Malaysia. I would see it more like creating a large corporation with a huge social responsibility. A responsibility to help people. It just so happened that Mydin is one of the first to step up for this role. This bold move to take social responsibility will give Mydin the advantage of being the first in the market to do this. A lot of companies who decides to be more socially responsible tend to excel in the long run. Take for example Walmart, they take pride in helping consumers to get the best prices in the market. In the past, health companies like Pfizer have taken the philanthropic route to provide free medicine to victims, and it gained them trust in many governments to do business. Ford too have taken a social responsibility in the past to provide affordable cars for the common folks who were once only affordable to nobles and the rich. There are many more examples that shows, companies who thinks along the lines of "more than just making profit" can bring a company far. I'm not just saying it, but you can refer to the research done by Collins's et. al. (a bunch of Harvard grad students) in a book called, Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies. Visionary companies that is built with "more than just profit ideology" tend to be very resilient and capable of withstanding major economic downturns. What the government have done here is to force capitalism. The more options consumers have the better for everybody. This is far from socialism or communism. I hope however that the government is not stopping any other tom dick and harry to start their own initiative to help the people by providing more options and cheaper prices. If they are, this is not in the spirit of 1Malaysia. Its about time for Malaysian corporations to think about their social responsibilities for Malaysia and the world.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fathers Day and the Fortress of Solitude

I have not written anything in this blog after I got married. Well, being married makes you busy ;)
Truth be told, I had no motivation to write in this blog for reasons I myself don't understand. Maybe its the new beginning in life, maybe its the transition or maybe after getting married I'm so eager to look forward in life that I had no time to reflect on the past. Today however, I decided to write a little something. Last Sunday was fathers day. So I thought about writing a little something about dad.

My dad was never around most of time due to his work. Which makes him far from winning the father of the year award. But I guess he realizes this and tried his best to guide me whenever he can. Because of his work, he can't be standing over my shoulder all the time to make sure that I'm ok. But Dad had a lot of stories to share. Some stories that goes a long way in giving guidance. At times I feel like Kal-el (superman's real native name) from the planet Krypton. Why, because I rarely see dad, but his advise seems to always be available whenever I visit my ice crystal palace (The Fortress of Solitude). Unlike superman, I don't have super speed, fortunately, my ice crystal palace was not somewhere in the north pole but just right there in my head.

Dad had many stories that tie back to a simple quote. One of his favorite quotes is, " Whenever someone hurt you once, you hold back, and if they hurt you twice, you hold back, and if they hurt you the third time you punch them in the face." He tells me a story of how he had a fight with a fellow classmate back during his younger days. I guess the moral of his story is don't ever take shit from people. You hold back when you can, but if its over the line, you show them truthfully that you are not someone that can be pushed around. Till today, I hold to the same principle and am glad that I'm not someone who can be pushed around and bullied easily.

There are many more stories that relate to his simple quotes of wisdom. Many of which have helped me through the hardest times in my life. I know now that Dad will always be with me. Whenever life brings me down, all I have to do is run back to my Ice Crystal Palace, my very own Fortress of Solitude to find guidance and I'll be flying again doing whats best for myself and the people I love. Nothing can bring me down for long, because dad, you will always be there in my fortress of solitude. Thank you Dad...and happy fathers day.