Tuesday, December 06, 2011

A shit load of Diarrhea

This blog seems to be updated once every year or so. Such anomaly almost occurs as sparse as the sun eclipse. Its starting to look like a ghost blog. Nobody comes here and nobody leaves a comment. Well, this is entirely my fault. I never put aside a little time to give this blog a little TLC. Anyhow, I feel like I was out of stories to tell. Or some are just too personal to be told online. Believe it or not, writing  in a blog is like standing out in a park and shouting out your mind. If you don't filter what you say, eventually, someone will throw rocks at you, just to get you to shut the hell up. Just as an observation, a lot of people think personal blogs are personal. In truth, nothing is personal on the Internet. If you want it to be personal--just for your eyes only--well, keep the traditional diary. Or an alternative digital diary that is not so traditional but is well encrypted for your eyes only. If you are more of the, I want to tell my friends only gossip group,...well, there is such a thing called facebook, where you can filter what your friends see and who you add in your circle. If you don't like facebook for some reason. There is also google+ and a lot of other social network app. Of course there are pros and cons of being in the wave of social networking in this modern age. However, the rule of thumb is, it works just like the traditional social fabric that you and I are used to even before the Internet exist. It's as fundamental as a 2 year old child learns how to make friends. Its the simple formula of being friendly and don't poop on others. So the idea is if you don't shit on other people, people won't shit on you. And like the famous saying, what goes around comes around. Translated for the ignorant, if you don't like others to shit on you, don't shit on others. Cause shit goes around....really it does.....and people will eventually find out, and when they do, they will vomit a shitload of crap on your face like diarrhea. So whats the moral of this story? Safe your face, don't shit on others.

I have no intention of spoiling your appetite for your next meal,
I wanted to update my blog, and nothing comes to mind,
All I can think of is shit that looks like oat meal.
And so I bid you farewell and advice you to be kind,
All this talk about shit, makes me feel like i need to go shit for real,
Its time for me to go cause can't hold my behind.


  1. Hi Joey, I subscribed to your blog so I know when you write an update ;)

  2. Hi Azwad, oh yea tak yea gak kan. Back when I started bloggin, there was no such feature. Forgot about how things have changed nowadays.


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