Thursday, March 30, 2006

Penguin Hype? Can it be popular enough to make it fly?

Lately, we hear less and less of open source software being talk about in the government sector. The trend and new hip thing to talk about is now "Open Standards". Now, I know to a lot of people, this makes sense. Yeah, sure, its standard, of course, we should use Open Standard. Standard is also an easy word to use and always keep you on the safe side. If it is standard, how can it be wrong. But then again, standard is not necessarily an answer. The use of the word standard have been overused to mean nothing substantial or an excuse for not knowing a definite answer. For example, note the use of Standard in our standard daily lives:

This is a standard car.
That's a standard size.
She has a standard figure.
Her standard is low.
Her work is above standards.
He is below standards.

But, believe me, Open Standard is no panacea to our computing problems. I find it disturbing as people use the term open standards without even knowing what it means or how it will effect us. So for now, I'm going to stick to using open source, cause open standards is just an idea. Until someone comes out with software based on open standards, but of course they have to define what open standard is first. And that the standards they define should be standard, for all of us. They say that Open Source is a religion, some say its communist, and some says its an idealogy. Having said that, what is Open Standards to some people?

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Hello on Two’, a morning talk show running on TV2 daily...maybe

When I started as a Open Source Software researcher in Mimos I had no idea that researchers demands so much attention. Being involved in Open Source Software in Mimos for only 4 months now, I was surprise to be chosen to be on TV this sunday in "Hello on Two" on RTM. It should be playing from 8am to 9am. Thank god that about 9/10 people in the nation will still be asleep. I must admit that I might not have been the right person to be interviewed, and definitely not the deserving one. I humbly admit it was more of, hay that's a guy we can bully, and blame, he's new and he'll be perfect to be blame if things go wrong.....

I was just suppose to help out in the Asia Open Source Symposium website and codefest development. My job was suppose to develop a program in mono with another friend in Mimos to be used in codefest. But now, I'm doing the PR work.....geez, are nerds like me even allowed to be on tv...?

Hence, I'll be doing an Interview with "Hello on Two" on RTM this sunday with my Senior VP, Puan Rohani Ismail. She'll be talking about the 7th Asia Open Source Symposium and I will be talking about the Codefest that is running in conjunction to the event.

I must admit I am nervous, cause too much attention is an overdose of self-esteem that I am not used too. Usually, a good buzz feeling is when friends praise me for good coding methods, shorter and more efficient recursive algorithms, or very good eye candy for my enlightenment gui on my linux box. But this is something totally way above my head. I hope I don't puke on the screen set, or accidentally choke before I can say anything smart. But worse, what if I say something stupid. I'll look stupid to the whole nation. It's different when you look stupid to friends, but looking stupid on national tv...hmmm...I don't think I can live with myself. Even if I don't say anything, I will also look stupid. Hence, what I don't know can't hurt me principle doesn't work here.....

To add to the pressure, I'm currently very sick, having a high fever and constantly having this aweful flu that makes my nose running all day. And the fact that I can't sleep the whole saturday till sunday morning because of the codefest doesn't help either. That will definitely get my metabolism low and susceptible to getting more sick than before. I hope I don't sneeze on national tv and get my gooey mucus all over the camera's lenses...that would be bad....

What's more challenging is that there will be live telephone interviews. People will be asked to dial-in and ask us questions. My worry is that I'll go "ummhhh....ehhh...mmmm...I don't know" on national tv. So please call in and help me with easy questions. Like what day will it be, who will be involve and how do I join kinda questions and the likes that I can answer.

Anyway, wish me luck.....and break a leg....what ever that means...