Friday, February 17, 2006

Jeffry's cat gonna be jealous with my mouse:)

I got a new toy for a Valentine present. Yes, that secret someone decided to give me a mouse instead of something that I would literally forget where I put it once I get home. What I like so much about my mouse is that it's sleek, transparent and at the same time, colourful enough to attract anybody's attention. Especially when you decide to move it and it glows in a red bluish glow..... Anyway, while at work, I decided to explore my artistic side and practice my rule of thirds while taking pictures. Here it is.....I'm sure, Jeffry's cat will be jealous with my mouse....(Jeffry is a friend who is currently obsessed with his cat).....

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Hit and Run....or just plain dumb!!!

Last week is probably my most unlucky day of the month. At about 11pm, I decided to catch some friends practicing their song in a Studio in Seksyen 9 Shah Alam. So they played a few songs, some was good, some was terrible.. I thought, maybe I can join in too, playing a few songs and pretend that there is still hope for me to be a rock star. At 12.30, I thought, its about time for me to go ahead home, forget my dreams to be a rock star and go back to my low-end PC running bittorrent downloading the most current favourite tv series like shrubs and smallville.

Feeling a little bit out of it, I walk down slowly towards where I thought my car was parked. Along the way, I saw a banged up waja. Wandering off in my head, I was thinking, huh, look at this guy, he must be the idiot who doesn't know how to reverse slowly, but his car really looks like mine. I walk ahead and notice that my car was no where to be found. I turn around and looked at the banged up car, and notice how similar it looks to my car. I look at the plates to be sure, and damn it, its me. I'm the idiot with the banged up car!!!

Perplexed, confused and utterly speechless I stood there staring at my car for about 2 minutes before it hits me that I didn't fell asleep in the studio and this is a reality. Talking to myself in my head, why must it be me, again. I was determine to find out who is responsible for making my life so miserable. A guy who works in a mamak stall, right infront of my car then slowly approach me. He said, "abang, itu orang sudah langar, sudah balik". The guy that hit me, have left. He explained further and I kept an attentive ear to record the sequence of events in my head . Apparently, someone parked his car on the other side of the road and forgot to put his handbreaks. While he was ordering his roti canai and teh tarik, his car rolled down the road and went straight for my car. Damn...out of many car infront of the mamak stall, it has to be mine.

What I'm really pissed off about is that the person did not leave his number or even cared to give his details, car registration, insurance or etc. What was going on in the guys head, did he think nobody noticed that his car rolled down hitting my car when it is right in front of the mamak stall. Or could he be just plain dumb?. What's wrong with these people.

Luckily, the Bangladashi dude working in the mamak stall had a good memory. Probably from the practice of taking orders. He is way too smart to work there. He memorize the plate no. of the offender and told me that the plate number of the car that hit me was BEJ 9723. It was a Ford Laser TX5, maroon in colour. With the newly acquired evidence, I went straight to the police to make a police report that night. After some picture taking by the traffic police officer, I went home at about 3.30 am. There goes my good night sleep.....Damn....

Anyway, I'm gonna try to make his insurance pay for it if he has insurance. Wish me luck, you know lah how slow the insurance companies in Malaysia. Oh yeah, if you know the guy with the plate number BEJ 9723, can you please tell him to give me his insurance details. It will definitely make things easier and faster for me. Otherwise, I'll have to wait for the report from JPJ and etc.....that would probably take a whole month or so....