Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Pinoy puki-puki masarap

Now, some of you might have reach my blog by accident, or you may actually know me--not necessarily mean that I would know you, but who cares. My ramblings are usually about nothing and it never seems important enough to read, and you may already know that about me. Since I'm such a showoff:). But I'm sure you are now reading it to this point, just because you saw the word "puki"[1] and that made you curious. If you are a guy, you're thinking that this entry must be something naughty and dirty, and you just have to find out, right?And if you are a girl, I'm sure you saw the word "puki" and though in a less imaginative state than guys would be, would be as curious and would just like to find out too. So read on....  

Recently, my mind often wonders back home--across the oceans, across the deep blue seas--to my humble home in Shah Alam. Don't know why, but I guess its true what the famous adage says, "there is no place like home", and that it is just normal to miss the place where you grew up. The familiar faces, the familiar decor, the familiar colors and smells that we take for granted from the time moment we were born.

I would like to talk about something delicious. "Pinoy puki-puki masarap" loosely translated means filipinos puki-puki is delicious. But I'm sorry to disappoint all of you, this entry has nothing to do with something dirty and naughty. This entry is about something delicious. Well, wait guys and gals, dont be dirty minded, not that kind of delicious. What I mean by delicious is that puki-puki[2] is a kind of signature dish from phillippines. Now, being half filipino, I was obviously brought up to eat puki-puki almost every week. In fact, puki-puki--sometimes spelled as pooky-pooky, or pookey-pookey--is my favorite dish, and I love it soo much. Whether you decide to eat it with rice, or just spread it on bread, it is still a delicious and healthy dish no matter how you decide to chew it down. Puki-puki can be classified as a vegetable dish, and hence it is good for those of you who wants to keep slim and healthy.

So since I miss home so much, i tried to cook myself puki-puki[2], and another dish called mince beef with potatos, which was also another pinoy cooking that my mom used to make for us.  I started with a recipe given by kak Shima[2] who was also interested in making some puki-puki.
I started by following exactly the recipe given at a website[2]. I started with two nice clean eggplants. And started to grill them on top of a stove. I used to remember mom doing this. She always told me, remember to make sure to burn it until it is charred. So here are some pictures of my silly attempt. 

After it is fully charred, you have to peel the charred eggplant's skin, and get the good tasting eggplant inside.

After that i followed the instructions given in the website[2] and added beaten eggs. I should have just put in one beaten egg, but silly me, I thought more is better, so the output was a bit different from what it should look like. However, it taste as good. 

After puki-puki, i tried the recipe my mom mailed me to make mince beef with potatos. The recipe is attached in the mail snippet below:
-----Mom's mail--------------------------
1.Garlic -  half clove
2.Onions -  half big
3.Tomatoes - four big
4.Fish sauce -  two laddles
5.Mince beef  -  half kilo 
6.Potatoes  -  three small
Saute garlic, onions and tomatoes till soft. Add mince beef and the fish sauce , till oil comes out and the beef fried dry. Add water , say four cups and boil . Slow down fire when the water boils and let the soup simmer for fifteen minutes. Add the chopped potatoes  and continue boiling till potatoes are cooked. Add a pince of salt to taste and pepper to taste. Can also add carrots or capsicon.
Enjoy cooking. Love Mom

Anyway, after all that cooking, I was ready to eat....my pinoy homecook meal....it was just delicious, you can really taste the charred eggplant taste, and the delightful potatos.:)

Footnote & References:
[1] Puki is a female body part in the Malay language


  1. man i fell for your puki2 bait and read your post.. hahah..
    enjoy your puki's.. :P

  2. I love puki too :) . Deep fried japanese puki covered with tempura... yum yum :)

    One more thing, do I have to say puki-puki? Or puki alone will do? Because puki-puki sounds plural lah... :)

  3. ian: For some reason, aku mcm dah suspect ko mesti jadi mangsa pertama aku...hahahaha. And yes, I like my puki2x.

    Marjan: It's puki-puki, and no you can't call it puki. Puki has a different meaning. Well, its plural because we like em a lot.

  4. Looks tasty. Never tried it before but I saw it in a Filipino soap opera, Sanay Walay Nang Wakas (never know the meaning); the one with Jericho Rozales and the lovely Christine Hermosa

  5. Wow Joey... you sure like your pukis. :-P Looks delish though my friend thought it was tortang talong. Is it cooked the same way? Azwad, Sanay Walay Nang Wakas literally means something like hope there will not be an end.

  6. Azwad: Yes it is delicious. I don't know about the soap opera, I tak layan lah soaps.

    S.Scribbler: Which part of philippines is your friend from. I think it's probably the same thing. I don't know what Tortang means, but Talong means eggplant. Which is what puki2 is anyways.

  7. Hehehehe..thanks for the meaning of the soap opera. I watched with my mom back when I just finished chambering but haven't secured a legal firm yet. I like the actress only but it is one of the better soaps actually :)

  8. h yes....puki-puki is danial's favourite too........:)

  9. Mcm bestje masakan ni..nanti nak try lah...thanks for sharing the recipe!


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