Sunday, March 30, 2008

Rizal's Shrine and The origin of my name

My cousin, Dr. Yusoff Abdullah shared a picture with me, after he found Rizal's Shrine in his adventures to the Philippines. Yeah, my Shrine...Rizal's Shrine. There is a Shrine for me.!!!!! Well, actually, it's not me. It's a shrine for Dr. JOSÉ PROTACIO RIZAL MERCADO Y ALONSO REALONDA. He died 30 December 1896, Manila, Philippines), patriot, physician and man of letters whose life and literary works were an inspiration to the Philippine nationalist movement. Rizal is a national hero of the Philippines. He was a genius, a linguist who can speak several languages, a physician, a writer and also very good looking and popular among the ladies. He got it all.....and his rebellious demeanor was mostly his charm, which made him a hero and brought the Philippines and the people of the land to fight for freedom from oppressors. He was killed by his oppressors who feared his influence, but instead of making the people of Philippines docile, his death immortalized Jose Rizal and raise and united the people towards independence.

A lot of people knew where his/her name came from. As for me, I had two names. Joey, my nick name that most of my close friends and family call me, and Rizal, my official name on my birth certificate. Though my family always had two versions of the story, the one that I really dislike was that when i was born, I was so small and wrinkled up like a joey(a baby kangaroo). The other version is that my name Rizal came from Dr. Jose Rizal, the national hero. But how did Rizal came to be Joey. Well, since I'm half filipino, half of my family is still in the Philippines. So they gave me the name Joey. Joey, a common nick name for people with the name Jose. And that would make me similar to Dr. Jose Rizal.....I just hope one day, I'll be following his footsteps as well, getting my PhD and be called Dr. Joey Rizal.:)

Shakespeare said that "what is in a name, by which we call a rose. By any other name, wouldn't it smell as sweet." I know that a name really doesn't make a person. But I can't help to wonder how a name shapes a person's character, or is it by mere coincidence. Unlike Dr. Jose Rizal, I'm not a genius, not a linguist, not popular with the ladies and not very good looking. But I can't help to wonder, that I am also very rebellious. Had I've been born in the 1800s, would I have been the man going against the British? Would I be the writer, to state the obvious, unite the people and protest on ideas of equality and human rights. I can't help to wonder. What purpose do I have in life, and am I meant for greater things like Jose Rizal. I just hope that I don't end up dead before making a real impact in society. Everyman quest is to seek immortality. Leaving behind a piece of himself before his life ends. Wonder what my contributions will be ....


  1. Wow..keep up your good will be Dr Joey Rizal one day..insya Allah. :-)

  2. Hi Joey,
    you never stop to amaze me how you think, what you think and what a brilliant writer you are.

    I like the 1st version.....

  3. Hey, Joey... you've got some lofty standards to fulfill with your predecessor! I pray for your success and so that you will live up to your name and more. Best of luck, future Dr. Joey Rizal. :-)

  4. KeindahanAlam/Shue: Yeah, insyaalah..

    Sis/Leilanie: Well, you always say nice things sis. Except when you tell people why people call me joey:p

    Ash: Yeah, Im going to need a lot of luck.:)

  5. Joey: Kau punya shrine tu ada orang sembah tak? hehehe.

    You've told me before regarding the origin of your name, but I didn't expect it resemble a great person.

    You're Dr Joey Rizal of your own version. And you're a great man, at least a great friend.

  6. Ayoi: Hahaha, tak de org sembah lagi. Ko nak start agama sesat ker....I dont know if I am a great man, though, i try hard to just be a man. Thank you for thinking that I'm a great friend.

  7. Hon, U certainly have the capacity to be great!! Hv faith and with patience I'm confident u'll get there some day.. and again agreeing with ayoi:
    U're most definitely without a doubt a GREAT FRIEND...

  8. eyeknee: thanks, but greatness is a state of mind. So as long as i reach some of my target in life, ill be happy.


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